Terms are booked in 8-10 weekly lesson blocks via our website or our school partners.

  1. Term Payments are due two weeks in advance of the teaching term and payments are made through our site via credit card or by direct bank transfer .

  2. Payments made after the indicated cut-off date will attract a late payment fee of $20 per child enrolled.

  3. There are no lessons offered on public holidays.

  4. When you book, you are booking a fixed time reservation exclusively for your child for the duration of the term.

  5. Lessons will be suspended if your account falls into arrears, and you may lose your reserved lesson time

  6. Once the term has commenced you are obligated until the end of the term.



Daniella Barda

Mon – Sun, 7am – 10pm

T: 0422 441 150
E: learn@ecolemelodie.com.au


All photos by Noel Mclaughlin


7. You can take two makeup lessons per term any time during the term depending on the spaces available in other classes of similar level and age group. 24 hours notice must be given to qualify as a makeup otherwise the missed lesson is forfeited.

8. You must use your make up lessons by the end of the 10th week of term. Unused makeup lessons cannot be rolled over and the lesson is forfeited. 

9. If your teacher misses a lesson, they will program a make up lesson anytime in current the term.